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Message from Year 2

Happy new year! The 2F boys have had a terrific return to school and everyone has had fun sharing stories from their holidays. We are relaxed, rested and full of enthusiasm for all our new learning adventures this term.

Our first week back to school was a busy one. We began our third unit of inquiry entitled “Mad About Mapping.” The central idea of this inquiry is that maps help us to understand our connections to places and people. Our inquires will be focused on maps and mapping; local and global orientation; and using maps to understand similarities and differences.

Where are we in the world? What is a map? What do communities have?  How does where you are in the world impact how people live? These are some guiding questions that the 2F boys are currently investigating as we delve into our mapping inquiries. We began our investigations last week by asking the simple question, “What do we know about maps?” The boys demonstrated a great deal of prior knowledge which sparked some interesting discussion and questions. Then, referring to a huge selection of maps that I have in the classroom, we were able to see the many different types of maps and the many things they represent in our environment. We pored over them and discovered what they contain and have in common such as pictures, colours, letters, numbers, lines, charts, words, etc. Through a variety of interactive activities, the boys learned about directions, the compass rose and the continents and oceans.

Next week we will shift our focus to examine communities around the world and understanding some of their similarities and differences based upon our knowledge of maps and mapping. Thank you for helping your son understand where your families originated from. As a result, our class discussions were more meaningful.

We have also begun our first novel study entitled Stop that Stagecoach. As always, we try to link great children’s literature to our inquiry units. The Canadian Flyer Series is a wonderfully realistic book series that allows us to do this. We hope you have been enjoying reading a chapter each night with your son and discussing the chapter itself.

Finally, thank you for signing and returning your Norval forms so quickly before the break. Our trip on Friday, Feb. 1 will be an exciting day as we continue our mapping activities in the outdoors. Hopefully we will have snow and be able to have a great toboggan race in the afternoon.

I also look forward to meeting with you at your son’s three-way conference on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Please don’t forget to sign up. More information on three-way conferences will come next week.

Lisa Fleming lfleming@ucc.on.ca




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