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Message from Year 1

We are looking forward to our play performances and book launch coming up on Wednesday, Feb 13. Thank you to everyone are supporting all of the boys’ hard work by practising lines and organizing costumes at home. I continue to be blown away by the talent, enthusiasm and knowledge of each of the boys. Also thank you for coming to meet with me on Tuesday at our three-way conference. Your son will continue to work hard to achieve the goal that he has set for himself. Feel free to check in with him to see how it is going.

On Thursday, Feb. 14, the boys will be participating in a bake sale, crafty activities and exchanging Valentine’s cards. If your son would like to bring in Valentine’s cards I ask that he do so for each boy in the class.

We are beginning a new unit about the sun! The unit, “Sun and Earth,” will be focusing on the impact of the sun on the earth. This will be broken up into four main components: the sun as energy; the sun’s impact on living things; cycles (day and night, seasons and the water cycle); and the Earth as part of the solar system. The boys’ questions seem to be circling around energy and the sun’s energy (how hot is the sun, how was it made). This is the direction we will take.

Looking ahead, we will be making energy chains and talking about the transfer of energy from one object to another. We will follow this with a discussion on rotate, tilt and orbit and how seasons and time are created. The boys seem really engaged and their questions are out of this world!

In guided reading, the focus has been on decoding words or “what do we do when we reach a difficult word?”. The boys and I are working on the following strategies: sound it out; use the picture clue; read the sentence and use the other words in the sentence to figure it out

Once they have determined the unknown word, they need to ensure they understand what they have just read. Often this means rereading the sentence with the tough word. All that said, as a parent and reading at home, feel free to give your son the very challenging words and focus on reading for meaning. Your home experience is intended to be fun and stress-free.

In math, we are on to our sixth unit which focuses on developing fact power. It is the expectation that with frequent practice throughout the school year, most children will know the simple addition facts by the end of first grade. We will be focusing on fact-finding strategies, adding and subtracting with coins, measurement and time as well as procedures for solving addition and subtraction problems. We have added a new routine called Mad Math to our day in which the boys answer 60 addition questions in five minutes. This routine will help promote accuracy and speed in mental computation.

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