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Message from Tom Babits, Primary Division head

Tom BabitsOur Forms 5, 4 and 3 students are often very engaged in world and national events.

As these are often thoroughly covered by the media, even for our youngest students it can be challenging to manage their exposure. Without information and guidance, the world can seem confusing, or even scary. We believe an educational approach can’t only help dispel potential fears, but also develop positive character in students so they can act on empathy and compassion.

Taking a serious and informational approach, but with a light touch, I presented to the boys at today’s assembly about the Syrian refugee crisis. Students were shown maps of where Syria is, and simple explanations of “civil war” and “refugee” were given.

This is taken from the IB Learner Profile: “Internationally minded people are ‘caring’ and its definition contains 2 key components:
That we show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others.
That we make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

We reviewed what Canada is doing, and I posed this question to the Form 5 students who had been studying government and leadership in the fall term:
Is it strong and good leadership to keep your promises no matter what, or to change your promises when you learn new information?

This is something they discussed in class afterwards.

I then announced to the boys that UCC will sponsor a refugee family later in the year. They’ll hear more about this in time. Here’s a link for your information.

Finally, I asked the boys to consider this question: At what point do members of a refugee family coming to Canada stop being Syrian refugees and just become Canadians?

Interestingly, a boy in Form 1 shouted: “Now!”

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