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Message from Tom Babits, Head Primary Division

tomI’m pleased to inform you that the first formal written report on your son’s progress was released today. I hope you find the report reflects his achievement levels and next steps with clarity. Learning is a dynamic process through which each student moves at his own pace, and the report card is a means of providing parents with information on progress in relation to that process. It’s also useful for the student to reflect on his learning and formulate goals. For that reason, your son will complete a reflection page with your assistance.

Some students may be happy and keen to read their reports, while others may be anxious. Some boys become nervous about how their parents will react, sometimes because they fear they haven’t met their parents’ expectations. I offer these suggestions to help guide you through this:

  • Choose a quiet, uninterrupted time with your son to review his report card and spend time reading it with him. Look at the teachers’ comments carefully and discuss strengths, areas that need improvement and next steps for learning. Give him an opportunity to share his thoughts with you.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact your son’s form teacher or subject teachers if you’ve questions about his report card.
  • Finally, we want to build on character strengths that lead to success. Therefore, we shouldn’t be judgmental in our reaction to the report card. This would be counter-productive for your son’s learning. Instead, we should communicate in a growth mindset way with a focus on practise, study, persistence and good strategies. Congratulate your son for his effort. His achievement should be reflected on in relation to that effort.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and I welcome any comments you may have. There is less than a full week left until early dismissal (11:40 a.m.), next Thursday for the holiday break. I wish your families a wonderful and safe holiday.