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Message from the Prep yearbook

Over the past two months, we have had an exciting and entertaining journey while working on the 2018-2019 Prep Times yearbook. Creating the yearbook wasn’t a straight road, but rather a bumpy and curved one. An example of a problem we encountered is the formatting. There were many times when we worked for hours to find out that the page had to be completely redone.

We learned a lot along the way when making the yearbook. An example of what we have learned is finding out how to use Adobe InDesign for editing and making the layout for yearbook pages. We spent two full days learning the software in order to make a unique yearbook, one that has many features compared to previous years.

We all put our best work into the yearbook, and even if we sometimes had to modify several pages, we all loved the final outcome. We all had to work together as we all needed each other’s ideas, opinions and feedback for there to be a great final product. To meet the deadline, the committee met four times every cycle and also worked tirelessly after school. Even though we regularly encountered problems, we were still able to produce high-quality work with the continuous support and input from Mr. Cooper and Ms. Altomare.

Overall, we all enjoyed working on the yearbook as it was a unique experience and one that we will not forget throughout our time at UCC.

Omid Aliahmadi, Matty Berman, JT Borba and Fredrik Eaton of class 6B