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Message from the Office of Admission

We hope that everyone is healthy and safe right now, and the boys are engaged with our Continuous Learning Plan.

As you may recall from when your son was admitted to UCC, May is our New to Blue month for events with new families across the Prep and Upper Schools. We have moved events to an online platform, and that is working well, but we would really like to ensure our new families feel connected to the College. As such, we’re asking for your help.

Our goal is to link our 166 new families with a current family, ideally with families who are in the same year level (i.e., an incoming Year 5 student with a Year 4 family). Ideally we would be able to arrange one-on-one connections. We would introduce the two families by email, and then encourage you to connect to answer any questions, or just simply welcome the new family to our UCC community, checking in from time to time throughout the summer until the return to school.

If you are willing to participate, please take one minute to complete this short survey so we can best match families during the month of May. 

Many thanks in advance – and stay safe!