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Message from the Head of the Preparatory School

Dear Prep Families,

I hope you enjoyed a restful long weekend. Please enjoy the recordings of the Primary and Middle assemblies from this week. 

When colleague and Prep Pluralism Coordinator Tina Jagdeo suggested I write an article highlighting Pride Week for Heads Up, I was surprised and daunted. Of course I could write an informative piece detailing the various events held across campus and describe the support for the week provided by our Senior Leadership Team and across the College. The challenge, however, was that I wasn’t sure what else I could write in the article, or how my voice would forward our pluralism objectives, considering that many of my colleagues are much more well versed in this work than I. It truly was a daunting proposition.

But I think that’s actually the point — Tina’s request reminded me of how much I still have to learn and experience, and that while I consider myself an ally of the LGBTQIA+2S community, simple allyship isn’t enough.

I got reading. 

I learned that being a member of the LGBTQIA+2S community can, for some, result in income disparity and is linked to housing insecurity, student loan and job insecurity. That wasn’t something I had considered or explored, and I’m now exploring it further. I learned more about intersectionality and mental health. I was reminded to think about and consider the lives and the injustices those in the LGBTQIA+2S can face each day, not just during Pride Week, and to actively seek opportunities to create space for members of our community, such as writers or artists, to contribute to a circumstance where there is celebration and study of their work. 

My reading also led me to learn about Pride Joy. An article in Slate Magazine documenting Julien Baker’s journey or this Ted Talk by Tim Ramsey, both resources shared with me by colleague Patrice Callegaro, were helpful in my understanding of what Baker calls Queer Joy. “I’ve been thinking about the idea of queer joy so much, because any kind of advocacy is rooted in righteous anger or grieving,” says Baker. “It’s actually so radical to express joy in the face of a world that writ large does not want you to have it.”

Not surprisingly, I learned I have much more to learn. Thank you to my colleagues and our UCC families for engaging in this journey together towards becoming the truly pluralistic community we have the potential to be. 

Please stay safe and well,

Tanya Sweeney
Head of the Preparatory School

Upcoming key dates:

Pride Week at UCC October 18–22
PPO meeting October 21
Colour house activity day October 27
Halloween activities October 29