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Message from the Head of the Preparatory School

Dear Prep Families,

Thank you for your ongoing engagement and support; we are delighted to partner with you in support of our learners.

We have adapted our programming this week due to the rising number of COVID case counts in the community. We would like to assure particularly our Year 7 students that we will move forward with our BSS collaboration in the new year, at an appropriate time. Colour house activities were conducted within cohorts while students were still able to earn colour house points! And Colour House On Vacation is another great opportunity for your child to earn points for their house — please see the article by John Hustler.

As the weather continues to cool, we will, as last year, look to open our windows to reduce the likelihood of any COVID-19 spread. This practice, in combination with our HEPA filters, will help us as we work to keep our community safe. Your child is welcomed to wear a jacket and a toque in the classroom. Please keep ball caps at home.

Update on local auto and pedestrian traffic: another study of the intersection of Lonsdale and Avenue Road is scheduled to be conducted in January 2022.

Vaccination status: please update our Health Centre as your child’s vaccination status changes. Thank you!

Please stay safe and well,

Tanya Sweeney
Head of the Preparatory School

Key date:
Classes resume   Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022