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Message from the Board of Stewards

The monthly Board of Stewards newsletter is a new initiative this year for better communication between the board and the community. The board wanted to share this with parents; it was sent to students last week.

Message from Uche Ochuba, Head Steward

 I’ve been working on the new organization of the board, wellbeing initiatives, communication, food, board reputation, and facilities.

We broke into focus groups on communication & connection, wellbeing, and community love. We are setting up daily, short, pre-exam stress-busting activities that you should see roll out next week. I want to add more sleep-ins to the schedule next year.

You can find the suggestion form and Prefects’ Cup standings attached to this newsletter, and we are planning to hold forums if next year. I am working with the nutrition committee, which is now able to draft a set of (I don’t want to say demands, but) expectations for Aramark, a task that will take place throughout the calendar year.

I’ve worked with the administration to change the image of the Board of Stewards from “those guys that make the video” to “the voice of the student body” and making it clear that we need to be there when decisions are being made. Finally, I’ve worked to fix drinking fountains (albeit that they were still safe, see Chris Noh’s blurb for more details), a concern that was brought to me by students, as well as analyzing the temperature in the English hallway (it’s been a cool May, hasn’t it?). I’ve been taking down all the goals I set out for you in my speech and now’s the best time to send in ideas.

Messages from the Portfolio Stewards

        So far, we’ve had some fantastic arts events like Battle of the Bands, Nuit Bleue and Jazz Night. As for the future, I plan on incorporating more film into our assemblies because I think trailers are a lot more fun than announcements. Additionally, I’m working on making assemblies more efficient (and potentially shortening them) so that students stay interested and focused.

Kurt Karul

Creativity Steward

         It has been an amazing first two months serving as your Academic Steward. During this time, I have come to appreciate that my position can be distilled into two main areas of focus: (i) contributing to the Wellbeing Committee, created by the Board of Stewards in a genuine attempt to help improve student wellness, and (ii) pursuing my independent portfolio goals. With respect to the Board’s wellbeing objectives, we are looking to implement more regular recreational activities, such as meditation, yoga, and dodgeball games, leading up to exams and throughout next year, in order to make a concerted effort to ensure each boy has a strong and positive psychological outlook at school. Moreover, we are looking at other ways in which students can improve their sense of wellbeings, such as by participating in service activities, and educating the student body about the meaningful connection between this kind of engagement and wellbeing. With respect to portfolio initiatives, I am looking into allowing students to write make-up tests at some time other than 7:30 am in the CFL; having exam study rooms devoted to specific grades so boys can meet to study and help support each other; and having more student feedback during the course change process. Finally, I am starting a conversation about how to improve, or at least mitigate, high volume work periods for boys. While there is a bit of a mountain ahead of us in making these changes, I am optimistic we can climb it!

Ben Swan

Academic Steward

         Our UCC community was brought together in yet another successful Varsity Day. The new turf is complete and looks amazing. We announced our new Blue Army Generals: Matthew Sheehy, Robbie Turner, and Adam Hargarten. Currently, I am working on setting up a platform for our students to access our athletic photos. A bigger project I have started is forming a set of drills for each sport we have. This way, our athletes have a reliable resource to improve their skills.

         I wish our athletes the best of luck in the remainder of their seasons and good luck to everyone competing in the final house competitions.

Aryan Pasricha

Athletic Steward

         In the past month, I have sent out grade level surveys on CAS, community service, and clubs to get a better understanding of the specific issues within those areas. I am in the process of expanding the community service council to include one iDiv and one sDiv student from each house to broaden the amount of voice we include in our consultation process in service. I am doing the same with the CAS committee, with one Y11 and one Y12 per house being represented in the committee. If you are interested in representing your house and/or grade in the committee, shoot me an email! Before the summer, I’m going to create 2 minute or less instructional videos on how to navigate ManageBac and complete your CAS requirements if you are in the IB.

         As always, if you want to get involved, have any questions to ask, want to share your service experience, or know a cool volunteer organization that UCC should partner with, let me know!

Shaan Hooey

Community Service Steward

     Want to announce:

  • The two tiny bins (or one large bin) in classrooms are for recycling only, unfortunately. Garbage bins are located in the main hallways

  • Water fountains, unless “out of order”, are completely safe to drink from, even given a “red status” on the filter. All UCC fountain water is city-approved.

  • If we want to modify our food, our only hope is through controlled, official student reports on satisfaction. Achievable proposed solutions for food options in the school is a must as well.

     What’s in the works:

  • Wellbeing is a huge focus for myself, the board, and the school next year. Expect some great new activities and closure on what “wellbeing” truly entails – as I know that’s been confusing

  • Brainstorming ideas on how we can make “Earth Week” more extensive or impactful.

  • Asking about Wifi, during lunches

     Feel Free to send me your Sustainable ideas (ecological, food, wellbeing) or attend Sustainability council meetings every Wednesday, for next year!

Chris Noh

Sustainability Steward

         This past month I’ve been hard at work planning year 9/10 semi. I was very happy to see a lot of students there having a great time. I thought the dance went extremely well and I’ve learned a lot in the planning process that I plan to apply to future events. Currently, I am working on creating a new COSSOT event to be held at UCC sometime in the near future. In addition, I am in the process of finalizing a Steward’s Dance theme for next year and am super excited about getting that started. A group of stewards, including myself, are also working to create some more casual in school events during lunchtimes and potentially during advising.

Don’t hesitate to email me if you’ve got any questions or tips about how I can help the students of UCC have stronger social lives.

Troy Boydell

Social Steward



Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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