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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

Dear UCC Prep families,

We are now well into the academic year, with many opportunities for boys to be engaged in their community and in their growth. Our faculty and staff make significant efforts to provide a spectrum of experiences and a range of personal, academic and social-emotional supports for the boys. With our varied learning environments, it’s useful to be familiar with the key people with whom your son interacts, beyond his classroom.

As a result, I hope this list of key contacts is helpful:

Counsellor and Life Skills Teacher: Martha Boyce; mboyce@ucc.on.ca
Nurse: Anna Gryszkiewicz; agryszkiewicz@ucc.on.ca
Athletic Director: Nigel White; nwhite@ucc.on.ca
Norval Outdoor School Director: Bill Elgie ’82; belgie@ucc.on.ca
Subject Co-ordinator of the Arts: Kathryn Edmondson; kedmondson@ucc.on.ca
Interim Director, Richard Wernham & Julia West Centre for Learning: Barb Kawasoe; bkawasoe@ucc.on.ca
Technology Integrator Primary: Lara Jensen; ljensen@ucc.on.ca
Technology Integrator Middle: Sarah Barclay; sbarclay@ucc.on.ca

We suggest that any concerns begin with a conversation with your child’s Form Teacher (SK – Year 5) or Form Adviser (Years 6 and 7).  The colleagues listed above oversee a variety of programs, each of which offer specific levels of support or varied learning experiences. These opportunities help our boys become well-rounded and self-reliant individuals, as they continue to work towards developing their best selves.

We are here to collaborate with you as the school year progresses. Communication and support from the adults in your son’s life, both at home and at school, are instrumental in his ability to navigate his school life with success. Please reach out with questions about our learning opportunities, information about your son and family, or feedback on our programs.

Tanya Sweeney
Head of the Preparatory School