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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

Dear UCC Prep families,

The cross-country team attended a meet at Sunnybrook Park last Thursday. It was a beautiful setting and a well-organized meet, hosted by our colleagues at Crestwood. It was also a successful meet for our UCC team, with many top-five finishes.

One particular interaction which remains with me is a question from a Year 7 runner at the start line. He was running in his first ever race and he looked back at me and asked, “Ms. Sweeney, do you have any last advice?”

Peter Gray and I have talked strategy with the boys at most practices, so I chose simply to say, “Run your own race.” What did I mean by that? It’s your first race. Try your best. Follow the guidance we’ve given and let’s get a baseline as to where you’re currently performing — and collaboratively set goals for your next race. Ultimately, it’s about how you do against your own goals, since you can’t control who else is in the field.

We have our Settling In Conferences tomorrow and I hope our conversations are in this same vein. How is your son doing? What are  some of the anecdotal or diagnostic-assessment data on which we can set some goals for his growth? How can we collaboratively work together to support his growth and nudge him forward in a variety of areas? How can we help him see his growth from one goal to the next?

I look forward to supporting the learning journey for each of our boys, and to seeing you this Friday.

Tanya Sweeney