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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

A long weekend approaches us, and colleagues and students alike are sharing their plans. My plans include spending time with my family, including my niece and nephew, as we celebrate Thanksgiving together.

I’ve only spent a handful of Thanksgiving holidays with my niece and nephew, as I’ve been living overseas for the past twelve years, however, we have still been able to create a tradition of singing a very silly song about a turkey. Although it’s childish, my niece and nephew, now aged 9 and 11, still want to sing it with me and I’m looking forward to doing so in person this weekend.

Another tradition in my family is to share what we are grateful for, and engage in conversation on how we might try to show our gratitude more often and effectively, in the months ahead. As such, I find myself musing about what I have appreciated in my new workplace at UCC.

This past week, I found myself grateful for our Norval Outdoor School, and the efforts of our Year 7 Form Advisers who, in collaboration with our Norval teachers, ensure our boys have an exciting and safe week away from home. My recent visit to Norval confirmed what I’ve seen in pictures and video; our boys trying new things, working together, supporting each other and celebrating each other’s small risks, new successes and burgeoning confidence as a result.

How fortunate are we at Upper Canada College!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve this community, and am humbled by the warm and sincere interactions I have had with many of you. I feel a growing sense of confidence that we can find or forge ways in which we can collaborate to ensure your sons have opportunities to make a new friend, try something unfamiliar, ask new questions or take new risks and. as a result, become more confident and independent young men.

Wishing each of our families a pleasant and restful long weekend ahead,

Tanya Sweeney