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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

Dear Prep families,

I recognize that settling into the “new normal” of virtual learning is a major adjustment, and I’m grateful for your patience and support as we establish routines and open ourselves up to new ways of thinking about learning and growth. For your ongoing reference, here is our Continuous Learning Plan (CLP).

Tomorrow we’ll be sending a student survey to gather early feedback that will guide us moving forward. Parents of younger boys can help with its completion.

Parents will receive their own survey and we look forward to your feedback.

The surveys will provide us with helpful data as we iterate how we deliver the CLP, so please watch your emails over the weekend as we may ‘tweak’ our current model for the next 3-Day Cycle. 

We are looking ahead in the calendar and see that Primary Student-Led Conferences, scheduled for mid-April, are not far off. Given our current circumstances, we have begun working on a plan for an adapted, online experience, so that in the likelihood that our campus remains closed, a celebration of your child’s growth thus far can still occur. We’ll provide more information on this in future.

Please note that as we pursue our learning adventure together, you’re encouraged to access the following resources: 

First point of contact: Please be patient with us, and work with your son to understand learning tasks or lessons first before contacting the teacher.

IT Help Desk: Help Desk technicians will be available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by email at helpdesk@ucc.on.ca.

Health Centre: For general medical enquiries and questions about health, please email health.centre@ucc.on.ca.

Centre for Learning: Students in Year 6 and 7 who experience difficulty shifting to a more independent learning model can reach out to a CfL coordinator for tools and strategies at any time. 

Kathryn Barnes, Director: kbarnes@ucc.on.ca
Polly Baxter, Primary Years: pbaxter@ucc.on.ca
Tina Jagdeo, Middle Years: tjagdeo@ucc.on.ca
Riley Carter, Middle Years: rcarter@ucc.on.ca 

Lastly, I wanted to include our reading and learning at home resource, as well as a learner profile and approaches to distance learning bingo game to provide extra engagement opportunities. The reading and learning at home resource in particular offers opportunities for children to engage independently in literacy and arts experiences. Thanks to Pam Love, Sarah Basinski and Dianne Jojic for creating these for families.

Given the age of our students and that we are all rapidly learning new skills and platforms, I mentioned in the CLP that we would be ‘easing in’ to learning online. Please trust in us that your son will be engaged in an increasing number of meaningful learning lessons and tasks as we progress through the CLP. You will also note an increasing number of optional, ATL-based and wellbeing experiences presented through SeeSaw or ManageBac.

With my best wishes,

Tanya Sweeney
Head, Preparatory School