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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

Dear Prep Families,

I have a lovely, unplanned anecdote to share with you this week.

As our Year 7 parents are aware, a UCC Old Boy, Chris Studer, created a Canadian non-profit organization called Get REAL. They visited the Prep over the last two weeks to run workshops for our Year 7 boys. I had the opportunity to listen in on Tuesday morning’s session. (Here’s a news article on the website about it.)

During these sessions, students are asked to anonymously share one thing they’re grateful for and one challenge they’re facing. Some of these answers are shared with the group. Two submissions included family members’ medical struggles and the disclosure that these illnesses were weighing heavily on the writers.

Later in the session, students were asked to anonymously share one thing they’d learned from the session, a question for the presenters, or an action they could take to make their school a more positive place. Some of these submissions were also shared with the group. In two cases, boys chose to write messages of support to the writers who’d previously shared stories about the medical challenges their family members were facing. These comments included: You are part of a supportive community; We all have our challenges; It will get better, please stay strong and know that you are valued.

I was stunned.

Afterward, I spoke with the presenters and asked them about what I’d heard. They said that, in their presentations, anonymous messages of support are rarely written by group members, and when they are, it’s been with larger adult groups, not students.

What a testament to our students and the culture we’re working to nurture at the Prep! While we can always seek ways to strengthen the student experience, and along the way our boys will make mistakes or poor choices, I feel very proud of what I witnessed in the Get REAL session this week.

Let’s keep working together.

Please note the following events and activities below and check the Calendar or with the event leaders for further details:

Week of April 23:
Y7/10 Norval Retreat: two sessions, Tuesday, April 23 or Wednesday, April 24 overnight
Blue Ties Breakfast: Friday, April 26
Jump Rope for Heart: Friday, April 26
Y7 Band Festival: Saturday, April 27

Week of April 29:
Fire Drill Practice: Unannounced
Year 7 Parents “Transition to Upper School”: Wednesday, May 1 evening
Y7 Immunization Clinic 2: Thursday, May 2
Power Snack Day 2: Thursday, May 2

For assistance with your Calendar or the methods of communication we currently use, please contact Crystal Arruda, Assistant to the Head of the Prep. She is most willing to help you or direct you to those who can: carruda@ucc.on.ca


Tanya Sweeney tsweeney@ucc.on.ca
Head of the Preparatory School



Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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