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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

Dear UCC Prep families,

Thank you to all who’ve been corresponding and communicating with me regarding the most recent posts. I enjoy our collaboration in serving UCC boys and appreciate the dialogue and the sharing of resources. I’m eager to dive into two new books related to The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey, suggested to me by a UCC parent. I’m also looking forward to meeting those of you who’ve reached out to set up coffee/tea or a discussion about your son, the field of education and all things associated with the College.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with the Primary and Middle Years boys at their respective assemblies about “looking in the mirror more often than out the window,” meaning to reflect on their own choices and actions before or at least in concert with attributing the circumstances to things outside their control.

The same perspective should be considered for our leaders, including myself, as well as my teaching colleagues; our chosen organizational practices also must be reviewed regularly with a critical eye. As such, Gareth Evans and I created a Y6/7 parent survey to gain insights into your perceptions of your son’s experience thus far in the Middle Years Programme. We’ve asked survey respondents to indicate if their child is a Returning or New Boy, to help us understand what we’re doing well in our practices and where there may be opportunities for improvement. I sincerely encourage you to complete this survey. It’s an occasion to share your perception of your son’s experiences thus far in the Middle Years. We’ll combine your perspective with other data to further study our program. We have received a response from 30 per cent of our Middle Years families thus far, and I hope to hear from many more over the next few days. A Primary Years parent survey will soon follow.

The Middle Years survey is anonymous, unless you choose to identify your family in the optional questions at the end. We’ll  respond if you indicated you’d like a follow-up meeting with members of the Prep Leadership Team. We’re open to hearing your feedback on all aspects of program, curriculum, communication and organization of day-to-day processes here at the Prep. This feedback includes the choices and actions of Gareth Evans, David Girard and myself, because as reflective leaders, we welcome your perspective and feedback. It helps us to improve our practice. Please ensure you’ve identified yourself if you’ve indicated you wish a face-to-face discussion.

On behalf of the Prep Leadership Team, and with my personal regards,

Tanya Sweeney tsweeney@ucc.on.ca
Head of the Preparatory School



Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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