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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

We’re approaching the halfway mark in our academic year. It’s often at this point that educators spend some time reflecting on the journey for our learners thus far.

It’s undoubtedly been a busy start to my time at the College but also a very pleasurable one. I’ve found the Prep faculty to be ambitious and committed educators, our parents to be curious and willing partners, and our boys to be energetic and open-minded as they willingly engage each day in the challenges and opportunities presented to them.

I wish to thank everyone for their efforts in helping me understand the UCC community. I’ve learned a great deal from coaching, visiting learning spaces, co-teaching some Year 6 math classes, meeting with each member of the Prep teaching staff, engaging with the Prep Parents’ Organization and listening to the anecdotes parents have shared with me over the past few months.

The discovery process continues, and as such, I welcome you to reach out to me during morning drop-off, by email or by making an appointment for a conversation. I’m eager to hear your perspective of your son’s journey at UCC, however long or short. Encourage your son to speak to me or write to me at my email address. Please do get in touch; I am sincerely interested to hear your ideas and for us to explore your questions together.

At this stage in my service, I see some promising opportunities for our community to explore, and I believe we have the shared capacity to work towards some exciting new goals.

With my regards to you and your families as the holiday break approaches,

Tanya Sweeney