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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

Dear UCC Prep families,

I had the pleasure today of co-teaching a math lesson with Ms. Altomare and Ms. Muralidhar. Ms. Altomare had arranged four different activities for small group work and asked that I help facilitate one.

I was delighted with the experience and wanted to share some highlights. The boys of 6L were highly engaged in the small group experience. It was presented as a competitive game during which players needed to demonstrate their knowledge of equivalent fractions.

To my surprise, many of the boys offered to help each other and made suggestions on how their opponents could be more successful. It was delightful to see them handling the friendly competition. A family stopped by during an Admission tour and I was proud that they saw your sons so highly engaged in their learning.

I look forward to working with the boys in 6L again soon, and also working with and becoming more familiar with the boys of 6C.


Tanya Sweeney