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Message from Tanya Sweeney, Head, Preparatory School

Dear UCC Prep Families,

I enjoy starting each day with some time outside the school, saying hello and spreading positive energy for everyone to begin a new day. As we’re now well settled into our routines, and with the winter weather and gloomy, grey days upon us, I’d like to share a few reminders to ensure that everyone begins their day safely:

  • Please drop off children on the inside lane only, so they can safely exit the car onto the sidewalk and then enter school.
  • If you need to come into the building, please park your car either at the arena or in the Parkin lot. The Avenue and Loop lanes need to remain reserved for moving cars only; otherwise we can’t maintain the flow of traffic.
  • If you’re changing lanes, please do so slowly and carefully, so as to avoid a collision with another driver.

We wish for all members of our UCC community to have a safe and positive start to their school and work days!

Tanya Sweeney,
Head, Preparatory School