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Message from Tanya Sweeney

Dear Prep families,

It has been another busy and productive week of learning for our students both at home and at school. 

Each Wednesday morning our Middle Years students and teachers have assembly. Please find this week’s Middle Assembly recording here — it gives some insights into what is happening day-to-day at the Prep. 

Every other Thursday morning, our Primary Years students and teachers have assembly. Similarly, watching the recording here will offer you further insights into our program. 

A reminder of where families can find their child’s schedule as well as any ‘Family Calendar’ items highlighted by the Prep main office. See a quick screencast here, for how to navigate Bluenet and find that information. If you need any assistance in using Bluenet, please contact Crystal Arruda in the main office. She can walk you through the functionality and answer any questions. 

We hope that Middle Years families and students found our recent ‘Three-Way Conferences’ useful in further understanding our program and the growth of Year 6 and 7 students. Primary Years families will receive report cards in December. 

Our sincere thanks to parents who have volunteered their time to contribute virtually to the learning of our students: Shaila Schwartz, Naina and Parik Rahlan, Kina and Eric Lindros, Jacqueline Steinert, Sonu Dhaju-Dhillon, Justin Madhany and Kanwaljeet Biln, Anshika Bhardwaj, Abhimanyu Sud, Minny Su and Alnar Meghji. Your contributions towards the learning and growth of our students are greatly appreciated. 

It has been a fun Spirit Week and we are excited to support the food drive benefiting The Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank. Thank you to our PPO and employees for their collaboration to organize this endeavour. 

Should you wish to take a look at some of our recent survey data from students in Years 4 through 7, please scroll down past the Upcoming Key Dates. We are actioning a few items thanks to the thoughts and ideas of our students. 

Tanya Sweeney
Head of the Preparatory School

Upcoming Key Dates:

Online Festive Marketplace November 22 to December 6
Primary Report Cards Released December 15

Survey Data

At-school learners were asked how safe they felt, in terms of COVID-19, at school.

All students were asked as to their ability to use either SeeSaw or Brightspace to access and demonstrate learning.

  • Middle Years Students were asked to indicate how they typically use their FLEX time, as we continue to iterate the new 9-day timetable. The top responses were the same for both year levels, although ordered differently.

All students had the opportunity to share anecdotal comments with us. A representative few are below.

  • I want to change seats more frequently.
  • It is hard to get used to not working in groups and I want there to be more soccer. I also want NO MASKS OUTSIDE!
  • I especially like math and Norval right now.
  • Most of my teachers have been really great about making sure I am connected with my class and I feel like a part of everything.
  • I feel like you are making the most of what you have. The limits caused by the virus have made it difficult to have a good co-curricular experience, but in the end, it is actually fun.
  • Bring sports back please.
  • I like the google taskbar, it keeps me organized. Wearing a mask is really hard. There’s quite a bit more homework than grade 5. 
  • I love how nice the kids in my class are.
  • I hope we don’t have to do online again.