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Message from SK

Welcome back and happy new year to everyone!

We’ll be finishing up our “Celebrations” unit with the boys creating their very own celebration day. With this, the boys will be asked to include food, symbols, songs and activities that would help to make their celebration a success.

Our next unit of inquiry, “What’s the Matter?” is our science-based unit. We’ll focus on the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas; the changes between states of matter; and how we use our senses to explore the properties of matter and materials. To begin, we’ll have our second visit to Norval to celebrate the “Winter Wizard’s” birthday. The day will be filled with science-related activities to further understand the changes of states in matter. To follow up, we’ll be continuing with science-related experiments in the classroom and learning about the three states of matter.

In language, we’ll start to learn about small, tall and descending letters. We’ll begin with the lower-case letters (a, c, e, i, m n, o, r, s, u, x, w, and z), and learn how to print these letters correctly using the “Handwriting Without Lines” in our daily writing. In writing, we continue with using finger spaces, capitals to start sentences and adding punctuation at the end of sentences.

In math, we’re continuing with numeracy and will be looking at identifying “ty” numbers and “teen” numbers. We’ll continue with sorting. We’ll also begin our measurement unit. We will introduce standard and non-standard measurement concepts and tools, and explore different ways to measure using these different tools.

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The SK team