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Message from SK

We’re well underway to the homestretch of SK.

UnknownAfter completing our unit on “Patterns” and discovering that patterns are needed in our lives to keep us organized, we’re moving into our last unit of inquiry, “Into the Garden.” This unit will focus on how plants are essential to humans and the environment. The boys will explore the life cycle of plants, what plants need to grow and survive, the parts of a plant and what they do, where plants come from, what would happen if there were no plants on Earth and how people can help protect plants.

In Language our focus will be on sequencing a story, continuing to identify the parts of sentences to ensure they make sense, using finger spacing between words and correctly using punctuation to complete sentences.

In Math we’ll focus on symmetry, introducing fractions, continuing with addition and subtraction, and telling time to the hour. We have added the teen numbers to our Math Wall and are continuing to practise identifying numbers between 11 and 20.

Bugs, critters, seeds and grass, oh my! Our Science Corner has been transformed into a indoor garden. We’ve added soil, garden tools, plastic bugs, creepy crawlers and seeds, allowing the boys to explore, imagine and communicate what’s in a garden and get their hands dirty.

Warm regards,

The SK team