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Message from SK

Thank you to all families for attending our three-way conference earlier this week. Kindergarten provides the first step for your son in learning to talk about his thoughts, reflections and goals in relation to his own learning. Our goal during the conference time was to provide a positive, comfortable experience where your son gained self-assurance speaking in front of a group of adults. We enticed your son to share with us by playing a short board game that aimed to draw out elements of his learning this year. We were proud of all of the boys and noted the growth in their confidence as compared to their entry interviews in September. As your son advances through his academic career at UCC, you can expect to observe the gradual release of responsibility from the adult to the student as your son becomes more able to, and confident in, contributing meaningful information to the discussion.

 As always, the SK classroom is a busy place. The boys are really enjoying our current unit of inquiry in which they are reading about, writing about, measuring and exploring matter in all its forms. After launching the unit at Norval, we spent time acquiring knowledge about solids, liquids, and gases. The boys engaged in hands-on activities that highlighted the properties of each of the states of matter. To introduce the idea of how matter changes states, we asked the boys ,“Where do clouds come from?” They recorded their answers with many creative suggestions and, afterward, we used a hot plate, water in a beaker and a mirror to collect condensation to demonstrate the water cycle. Evaporation, condensation, and precipitation are now regular vocabulary in our classroom and evidence of the learning that is occurring. This unit lends itself beautifully to writing as the students have ample opportunity to engage in procedural writing and recording their own wonderings.

 We have begun to explore simple addition and subtraction in our morning meetings. The boys were surprised that we began each discussion with an equation that had already been solved. Rather than asking the students to solve the equation, we asked them how they knew it was correct. This approach to composing and decomposing numbers encourages students to think about their own learning. Rather than memorizing facts, this highlights the many different strategies that can be used in problem-solving and helps the boys to build a bank of resources as they prepare to tackle more challenging problems in the years to come.

 The SK class had our second visit to BSS where the boys collaborated with the SK girls in their current inquiry into “What makes a city beautiful?” With each visit with the girls at BSS, we are observing increased comfort between the students. Photographic documentation and analysis from our visits is posted in our classroom.


Kind regards,

Laura Heyes lheyes@ucc.on.ca
Senior Kindergarten Teacher



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