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Message from SK

Happy New Year! We loved hearing about all of the adventures the boys had over their winter holidays and we took plenty of opportunities to talk, draw and write about their exciting experiences as we dove back into our Kindergarten program.

In our first weeks back at school we began our exploration into “How the World Works.” The central idea of this unit is, “Experimenting helps us to understand matter.” This is an inquiry into the three states of matter, changes between the states of matter and how we can use our senses to explore the properties of matter. The unit will provide many opportunities for the boys to construct their own understanding of matter through hands-on experiments and experiences. The boys will continue to practise reading and writing and will be introduced to non-standard measurement. The unit began with an exciting visit to Norval where the boys attended a birthday party for the Winter Wizard. They helped the forest animals to prepare for the party by turning juice into popsicles (liquid to solid), snow into hot chocolate (solid to liquid) and filling balloons with air (gas) for the party. The visit provided a great opportunity for us to see what the boys already know about matter so that we can plan experiences that will build upon that knowledge in the weeks to come.

Since the break, all students have been reassessed for reading readiness and home reading books have been adjusted accordingly as have Raz-Kids reading levels. Parents are requested to please send in their son’s home reading folder on Thursday, Jan. 31 so that important “Funwork” can be checked and added to for the month of February.

Our class is fortunate to welcome students from the Upper School as part of the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) program. CAS is a required component of the IB Diploma Programme. It deepens learning in co-curricular areas and encourages students to take advantage of the breadth of opportunities UCC offers. As part of the service component, Sam, Duro, Gaurav, Harry, Daniel and Alexander have volunteered time to support our youngest learners in literacy and numeracy. If your son mentions one of these names as part of his day, you will know that he spent a bit of time reading or reviewing numbers in a game with one of these older students.

As we start the new year, the SK boys should be walking into the school independently more often than not. Taking responsibility for their own belongings by carrying backpacks, organizing their own cubbies and unpacking their own bags for the day are important skills that need to be developed as they ready for Year 1. We are very appreciative of the continued efforts of SK parents to have all boys at school on time as it allows us to maximize our learning each morning as we slowly increase the amount of instructional time in preparation for next year.

The SK boys continue to impress us with their knowledge and inquisitiveness and we are looking forward to learning with them in this second part of our year together.

 Laura Heyes lheyes@ucc.on.ca