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Message from SK

We’re entering the home stretch of Senior Kindergarten and the boys are excited about moving to Year 1. This year’s boys visited Ms. Gordon to learn about what next year has in store, on Monday, May 15. The visit was a success, according to feedback from both Ms. Gordon and the students, and we know the class has a solid foundation on which to begin Year 1.

We’re finishing up our final unit of inquiry. The students have spent a good amount of time in our learning garden where they joined Ms. Jojic, planting tomatoes, zucchini and peppers. The boys will be observing, journalling and inquiring in the garden. Inside the classroom, we planted bean seeds in a baggie to observe seed growth. They read and listened to books about plants’ life cycles and particularly enjoyed listening to the “Photosynthesis Song.” A variety of questions surfaced in this unit including, “Do plants go through metamorphosis?” This highlighted connections being made between this unit and the last.

In math, the class has continued to explore strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. The focus is always on the ways a problem can be solved, rather than determining a quick answer. We remind the boys that we would like them to have an answer but are most interested in learning what strategy they used to get there. The ability to be aware of their thinking is essential for success in their future school years.

As the weather becomes warmer, SKs should ensure they are practising sun safety. We ask you support this effort by ensuring your son has the following:

– Hats should be worn during recess and P.E.
– Please apply sunscreen in the morning to ensure your son has a solid base. If you feel it is necessary, you are welcome to send some in your son’s backpack. We will give a gentle reminder to all the boys to reapply at afternoon recess. We do not apply the sunscreen for them but will “talk them through” to ensure they are successful with a “touch up” afternoon application.
– Water bottle: We ensure that the boys stop to rehydrate often. Long lines at the water fountain take away from instructional time and water bottles resolve this issue.

Our chicks have been picked up and are happily back at Green Acres Farm. With many thanks to Ms. Barkley for her assistance, here is a playlist of some of the major events from the past weeks.