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Message from SK

As always, the SK classroom is a busy place. The boys are really enjoying our current unit of inquiry in which they’re reading, writing, measuring and exploring matter in all its forms. Most recently, the SKs were asked, “Where do clouds come from?” The boys recorded their answers with many fantastic suggestions such as, “I think clouds come from the smoke that comes from houses.” They also said, “I think clouds come from the solar system.” Using a hot plate, water in a beaker and a mirror to collect condensation, the students were fascinated as they observed a demonstration of the water cycle. Evaporation, condensation and precipitation are now regular vocabulary words in our classroom and evidence of the learning that’s occurring.

During our regular small group work, the boys participated in many experiments that allowed them to read instructions, measure out materials, sequence steps and write a reflection upon completion. In one instance, the boys were presented with three different beakers full of water. The boys used non-standard measurement to measure the height of the water in each beaker. They quickly agreed the beaker with the tallest water level must have the most water. Afterwards, their thinking was challenged when they used standard measurement to consider the volume of the water. They learned that, in fact, each beaker held the same amount of water, and recognized the importance of using the correct tool of measurement in order to be accurate.

In our next unit of inquiry, the SKs will learn about growth in all living things. We’ll be welcoming chicken eggs into our classroom and look forward to learning about how to care for the eggs and chicks that hatch from them. Many thanks to the parents who sent in baby-care items for this next unit. Please feel free to send in any more items between now and the March break. The unit will begin after the March break and we’ll send out more information at this time.