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Message from Scott Cowie, Head, Senior Division

Scott CowieUpcoming Senior Division Dates:

  • Monday, April 24–Friday, April 28: IB2 Exam Preparation Week, optional attendance for IB2 students
  • Friday, April 28: Jazz Night–Laidlaw Hall, 7:30 p.m.

I trust you all had a restful, enjoyable long weekend. Our week back at school started with one of a series of annual celebrations for the IB2 boys: the final Leaving Class assembly. Although rambunctious, the boys settled in well to hear one last message from their head steward, who spoke on the themes of gratitude and brotherhood. Ultimately, according to him, UCC, and more importantly the people in its community provided him with much comfort and support during times when he needed it most. In a very genuine, heart-felt manner, he shared that the memories and sentiments of gratitude he holds of his time here will be with him forever. His inspirational message was greatly appreciated by all those in the audience, who expressed their thanks with a standing ovation.

As our IB2 boys look ahead toward their transition from UCC, I’d like to offer a few thoughts to the Leaving Class boys and their parents, although much of what follows is relevant for all of the Senior Division community.

I’d like to convey my sincere thanks to the boys in the Leaving Class for their years of dedication here. Some arrived here two years ago ready to take on the rigour of the rewarding IB Program. For others, their time here has spanned a number of years solely at the Upper School, and may have included a life of living on campus as part of our great residential life program. Still others may have come from the Prep and remarkably have spent more than two-thirds of their lives here. Regardless of the amount of time your sons have been here, I’ve no doubt that many are experiencing mixed emotions as they are seeing their final year come to a close. Trying to maintain their academic focus in preparation for their upcoming exams, dealing with feelings of celebration at having almost finished high school, struggling with anxiety about plans for next year, on top of trying to navigate the process of leaving many of their close friends, are all significant issues facing many of your sons at this very moment.

In the midst of this turbulence I offer a few suggestions. First, continue to provide the guidance your son needs to make prudent decisions. Encourage him to finish his time here at UCC in strong fashion by helping him to stay focused on the importance of the final month of school.

Secondly, I would recommend that you continue to provide your son with the emotional support he needs. Although he may not show it, in this time of significant transition, he’s likely feeling unsure of himself and his future. He needs to have a steady presence and be reassured as to how much he is loved.

Finally, help him to maintain perspective on what is most important about his experience here. Throughout my 17 years at the College, in the countless conversations I’ve had with Old Boys, not one has ever mentioned his IB point total, nor reminisced about acing or failing an exam. Instead, they inevitably speak about the friendships they’ve maintained that started here, and the many ways through which their time spent here ultimately helped in the formation of their character.

Keeping with tradition, the Leaving Class boys concluded their final assembly on Tuesday with a rousing rendition of a song that has become somewhat of an anthem for the guys over the past few years. Indeed, this song delivers a powerful promise to our boys, both those who are currently here, and to Old Boys across the globe: regardless of where you end up in life, as part of the UCC brotherhood, you need “Never Walk Alone.” (Please see Senior item for complete Assembly video.)

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