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Message from Scott Cowie, Head, Senior Division

Scott CowieUpcoming Senior Division Dates:

  • Wednesday, June 1–Monday, June 6: Exam Preparation Week
  • Thursday, June 2–Final House Meeting, 9:55 a.m.

I’d like to extend my congratulations to all of our IB2 boys who officially became Old Boys on Tuesday. The ceremony was a joyous occasion indeed and the ensuing reception in the quad was a great time to say farewell to our graduates as they move on to the next stage of their lives beyond UCC. To our newest Old Boys: please do come back and visit. It’s always exciting to reconnect and hear about life after Lonsdale Road.

As part of our end of year tradition here at the College, on graduation day we also celebrate athletics at every level, including house sports, at our Spirit of Athletics assembly. This year’s special speaker was Old Boy Allen Champagne ’11, a self-professed “nerd” who played varsity football, junior varsity hockey and was the Head of Seaton’s House while he was here. He went on to pursue his passion – both in the classroom and on the field as he played football at the University of North Carolina as a Morehead-Cain Scholar. He’s currently continuing his studies, working on his master’s of neuro-science degree at Queen’s University.

Champagne spoke briefly about his life with the boys, sharing that without the financial assistance and all-round support he received from the school, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend UCC, an experience he contends profoundly changed his life. Channeling his best Dr. Power, Champagne provided a number of “takeaways” for the boys as he concluded his assembly address:

1) Be grateful for the opportunities you’ve been given.
2) Work hard in all that you do.
3) Don’t forget where you came from, or those who helped you achieve success.
4) Strive to make a difference in the lives of others.
5) Enjoy the moment.

The afternoon’s Leaving Class Ceremony appropriately complemented Champagne’s assembly address on Tuesday morning. Watching our IB2 boys cross the stage was a great culmination of their success as students. All of them have unique talents and strengths that will no doubt allow them to continue their success throughout other stages of their lives. Champagne’s powerful address moved beyond the idea of striving for success in life, to focusing on being fulfilled, which is ultimately where we’ll find lasting contentment and purpose.

To many, success and fulfillment are subjective, relative terms. The former is usually measured by external achievements and gains, and the latter is linked to one’s internal state, habits of mind and individual perspective. Throughout your son’s journey here, as he transitions from student to Old Boy and beyond, I hope he’ll balance his desire to attain success with developing the internal qualities that will ultimately lead to a contented, fulfilled life.

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