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Message from Scott Cowie, Head, Senior Division

Scott Cowie

Upcoming Senior Division Dates:
Friday, June 5 – Thursday June 11: Y1-IB1 Exams
Thursday, June 11: Locker Clean Out

It’s hard to believe final exams for all boys in the Upper School start tomorrow. That your son is likely feeling a little nervous is probably a good thing, but I trust he also has some level of confidence, provided he’s been working throughout the year and has taken time to prepare for what lies ahead.

At this time of year, I always try to share content to help with the studying process. Here are five tips from an article I found from the Huffington Post recently:

  • Avoid cramming: Creating a study schedule over multiple days always trumps cramming the night before.
  • Review concept by concept: Fully understanding a concept prior to moving on to another helps cement knowledge in your mind.
  • Keep review sessions short: Reviewing for several hours straight may impact your ability to retain the information being studied. Sixty-minute study periods with small breaks in between are optimal for most students.
  • Alternate study spots: Alternating your study spots can help enrich your brain’s associations with the information you’re reviewing.
  • Exercise regularly: Research suggests that aerobic and resistance exercise has the ability improve memory and has the added benefit of helping with stress.

Here’s a link to the entire article.

If we were to categorize the above as “Exam Dos,” here’s a link to a video that I’ve shared in previous years that would epitomize the “Exam Don’ts.” I wouldn’t recommend that your son follow Mr. Bean’s lead, but this scene might provide some comic relief in one of his break times during his study sessions.

Above all else, I’d encourage you to help your son remember these three “Ps”:

  • Perseverance: There will be many distractions that could interfere with his exam preparation and remaining focused on his studying will be essential for success.
  • Perspective: If an exam doesn’t go so well, brooding over it will not help. It’s better to look for lessons learned and move on.
  • Positivity: Optimism is a choice; viewing challenges as opportunities instead of issues will help develop a growth mindset, which is key to realizing our goals.

I wish your son all the best over the week ahead.

Thanks for reading,