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Message from Principal Sam McKinney

Happy new year to all in our community!

It’s at this time year that many of us pause to make resolutions, and I took the opportunity to share a few of my own personal ones with the boys, as I welcomed them back in Assembly on Tuesday. I’d like to take a moment here to reiterate some of the more important points I touched on, with you all:

Overall, alongside our boys, I’m committed to efforts that will contribute to nurturing my Best Self, and it’s an ongoing journey. Indeed, I’m asking myself, “What steps can I take to be a better husband, a better father, a better friend?”

As I reflected on the 2018-19 academic year thus far, I asked the boys to consider how we we could work together to create three “collective resolutions” for the school. Here’s where we landed:

Our online presence: We all spend a lot of time online and need to be mindful of both the permanency of our digital presence and the potential consequences of what we choose to communicate. Respect and considerate of others are virtues on social media as well. Remember, you are the same person online as offline. At all times, conduct yourself appropriately, in alignment with your values.

Vaping: Consider and honour provincial guidelines in regard to the prohibition of vaping on campus. (Please see the attached message from Toronto Public Health for more detail.) Our school can potentially be fined, as can individuals. Please take time to review the information posted around our school in regard to these rules and be aware we have vaping detectors placed around the school to aid us with adherence. Make sensible choices and consider the health impacts on yourself and the broader community.

Return to athletic competition with St. Michael’s College: Following a period of reflection and a pause on the fall sports program at St. Mike’s, regular sports competitions have resumed. Hopefully it doesn’t need to be emphasized that we need to act with empathy, as gentlemen and good sportsmen. St Mike’s is our friend and neighbour. We respect and welcome their athletes, and will treat them fairly and with compassion.

I look forward to a wonderful winter term, filled with achievement and engagement. All best wishes for 2019 to you all.

Sam McKinney



Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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