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Message from Naheed Bardai, Head, Middle Division

naheedToday we wear sports jerseys to honour and remember the 16 who lost their lives this week and last.

It personally caused me to pause and reflect on many things, including: the loss of young people  yet to enter theprime of their lives; the families left behind; the impact on a community; coming to grips with our mortality; understanding how and where we find solace; the risks we take on our roads; that our students are in buses all the time (indeed, as I write this, I’m in a bus with students); and the commonness of humanity.

This tragedy is about Humboldt, Sask., but it’s also about much more than Humboldt. Those young people are our young people. Whether we empathize because they were young, mostly boys, played hockey, or have families who are in pain, the most important thing is that we connect through a recognition of our common humanity.

As you continue to speak with your boys about this tragedy, focus on expanding their circle of concern and empathy, hopefully resulting in an expansion of their sense of humanity.

As the Toronto Maple Leafs begin their playoff run tonight, let’s keep the Broncos and Humboldt in our thoughts.

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