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Message from Ian Robinson, Head, Middle Division

To the parents of boys in Forms 6 and 7:

ianrobinson2I trust that all of you enjoyed the four-day weekend and that your sons have once again returned to the Prep reinvigorated and ready for the last weeks of this academic year. Looking out of my window, it’s hard to believe that we’re well into April. Iit looks and feels more like November.

Please let me bring to your attention an important message: it concerns the serious truth that anaphylaxis is a fact of life. It’s also very difficult to control the food that comes into schools and for that we rely on your and our vigilance. We have students at the Prep who suffer from this severe form of allergy. It’s extremely dangerous to have food items like Nutella brought into the Prep and I would ask you to check and ensure that this isn’t given to your son as a snack and thus ends up at the school. Please be very careful because we could have had an incident today, but fortunately we didn’t.

I was pleased indeed with yesterday morning’s visit to the Upper School of the Form 7 boys. You would remember that in February the Simon Wiesenthal Tour for Humanity bus came to UCC and, over two days, was visited by all Form 7 and Year 1 (Grade 8) boys. As a follow-up to that event, we decided to get the two year groups together — each of the six Form 7 classes paired with one Year 1 class — so that they could discuss in small groups their thoughts and impressions of the February visit. It seemed to be well-received and profitable as they worked together on a questionnaire based on the work presented by Tour for Humanity. The intention is to invite them back in two years to another paired group.

The value of these two year groups working together can’t be overestimated. Our Prep Form 7 boys are excited about moving to the Upper School next year and all opportunities to learn more about the senior part of UCC are embraced and beneficial. Just as the Form 7 and Year 1 boys worked together yesterday, so next week our boys and the Foundation Year boys (Grade 10) will spend a night and a day together at Norval. This time, rather than being in classes, they’ll be grouped with the Foundation Year members of the same house. The house system is a very strong part of the Upper School program and we wish them well and look forward to hearing how profitable these visits to Norval are.

Lastly, I should bring to your attention the fact that I shall be away for the next two weeks. I can’t claim that it’s professional development, but suffice it to say that my wife’s and my French will improve. This trip was organized months before the decision was made to spend this year at the Prep and I look forward very much to seeing you once again later in April. In my absence, I know that Don Kawasoe will be spending some time at the Prep and I thank him most profoundly for this help.

With very best wishes to all of you.