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Message from Gareth Evans, Assistant Head, Preparatory School

Hello UCC Prep parents!

I hope this edition of Heads Up finds you doing well and making a comfortable, yet possibly hesitant, transition to our early winter weather.

I consider it a privilege to be working with you and your boy during his time in Year 6 and Year 7. Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to observe the boys laser cutting their personal logos while in design class, win a CISAA soccer championship, bring Weston Hall’s stage alive with lively theatre and musical performances, demonstrate the utmost respect for our Veterans while observing our Remembrance Day assembly, all while wearing their UCC uniform with pride and representing their school in the best possible way. I do not take this for granted and continually remind myself that the boys and their relationships with their teachers are an immense part of what makes UCC a fantastic community.

I also want to take this opportunity to remind all of you that, along with the faculty, I sincerely appreciate the partnership we have with you in ensuring that your son enjoys the best possible experience while at The Prep. We welcome the exchange of emails, scheduled phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and informal conversations during pick-up and drop-off. Our partnership allows us to gain valuable feedback and make adjustments to our program and operations. This is especially important when we consider how boys feel during Year 6 and Year 7, and as Phyllis L. Fagell suggests in her book Middle School Matters:

“Middle school can be kind of a mess — there’s romantic drama, friend drama, and pressure to figure out who you are. Everyone’s pretending to know exactly what they’re doing, but no one does.”

By partnering together and trusting one another, we can assist boys with understanding the importance of advocating for themselves when feeling uncomfortable, stepping outside of their comfort zone by taking risks, building relationships with their peers, owning their mistakes, and being kind to one another. This way, we increase the chance of our boys developing the mindset necessary to navigate the inevitable difficult moments that all children face during their years in middle school.

As always, please never hesitate to reach out to the Prep leadership team or a teacher with a question, your own insights into your boy’s school experience, or possible suggestions. We truly feel a strong partnership will benefit our wider community, our faculty, and our boys.




Gareth Evans

Assistant Head of the Prep, Middle Division

Week of November 25:

Middle assembly Wednesday morning
Primary assembly Thursday morning
Festive Marketplace Thursday 3-7 p.m.; Upper School
Festive Marketplace Friday; Upper School 
Hockey Tournament on Campus Friday and Saturday

-parking and campus traffic will be challenging on Friday. We suggest you allow extra time if possible.

Festival of Carols Sunday; Upper School

Week of December 2:

3C at Norval Tuesday
Middle Assembly Wednesday morning
3V at Norval Thursday 
Prep Casual Dress Day Friday