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Message from Form 5

Students in Form 5 have survived the first few weeks of school with their enthusiasm and energy intact. A scavenger hunt across the Prep buildings and a trip to Norval have helped the students settle in and get to know the faculty, staff and space of UCC.

The scavenger hunt required students to interview adults around the Prep to learn more about the roles and responsibilities for a variety of positions at UCC. Form 5 students then created organizational structures to represent UCC’s governance. Some students organized the roles according to the power of decision-making abilities. Others organized roles according to their importance to students’ daily lives.

This work is part of their inquiry unit, which explores the idea that governing bodies provide a structure for community members. The students then explored various organizations (LEGO, Google, NHL, Canada’s Wonderland, Apple, Loblaws, etc.) to determine how their organizations are structured. They designed graphic organizers to outline their thoughts and shared them with their peers. From here, we plan to look at the structure of the Government of Canada and then move on to world governing systems.

To support our inquiry unit, the Form 5s will be visiting Queen’s Park on Tuesday, Sept. 27 as part of our You Rule unit of inquiry. Please print off the permission form in Heads Up and send it to school.

In language, the students are reviewing the parts of a sentence. This will progress into paragraph structure. We’ll also be starting our novel study, The Girl Who Owned a City, to complement our inquiry and support home reading. This novel touches on various forms of government and leads to rich discussions about their effect.

In math, students will review the technical vocabulary of number theory such as composite numbers, prime numbers, exponents, factor pairs, square numbers and products this month. Students can use the glossary or index of their student reference books to read more about this terminology. Parents are invited to read the “Unit 1: Family Letter” on page 3 in your son’s Study Link book, his homework journal. In class, we’re completing timed quizzes to strengthen your son’s automatic recall of multiplication facts to 12. Please encourage your son to practise these facts using flashcards such as fact triangles or oral drills during the commute home.

We’d like to thank you all for attending the parent information night and we look forward to discussing how your son is settling into Form 5 at the parent-teacher interviews on Friday, Oct. 14. In the meantime, we hope to see you all at A-Day this Saturday.