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Message from Form 5

PYP Exhibition Invite for Heads Up

It’s hard to believe the Primary Years Program Exhibition is just around the corner. The boys are busy solidifying their action plans and some groups have already begun implementing their action. Many groups are in touch with community resources, others are conducting surveys and still others have interviewed experts outside the school.

The boys are extremely excited to share their new knowledge with the UCC community. Please make sure you have Friday, May 12 marked on your calendar, as you’ll have a chance to visit all of the exhibits from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. We encourage you to ask the boys about what they’ve learned and how they’ve decided to take action with respect to their chosen issues. Attendance for the next few critical weeks is also important as the boys prepare for their big day.

In math we’re getting ready to begin a new unit on fractions. The students will be learning to add, subtract and multiply fractions and mixed numbers. They’ll also have an opportunity to use their data management skills, as they represent the data they’ve gathered for their exhibition project using graphs and tables. This should benefit the boys as they prepare for the “Teaching Others” component of the Exhibition.

Our spring “literature circles” are now underway. Drawing on their experience from our first literature circles, the boys will work in small groups to ask and answer questions, and make inferences and meaningful connections to the text. In May, the Form 5s are looking forward to a visit by author Shane Peacock. Several boys are reading his novel, Eye of the Crow, and are excited to discover more about the creative process, that miraculous journey of an idea as it travels from inception to publication.

In connecting with our Exhibition, the students will be working in Design Technology to build planters that will be used by the Toronto community gardens and Norval. This is also a nice link to our final unit of inquiry entitled “Sharing the Planet.” We’re excited about this hands-on learning opportunity that will benefit the boys and our community.

A new term of sports has begun. The students have been very active as they strive to perform at a high level in intramurals, track and field or softball.

Have a wonderful week of focused learning!