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Message from Form 4

We’re wrapping up our “O Canada” inquiry unit. The boys created commercials highlighting Canadian landscapes and examples of our unique culture. We integrated technology to create the commercials, using iMovies and digital images. We’ll be screening these commercials in class.

We’re about to enter the ancient past in our inquiry into early societies. Our central idea is “By understanding the past, we can better understand the present.” With a historical focus, we’ll look at how we learn about the past. We’ll also explore the idea of why people form a society and the elements of it. When the boys have a framework for understanding, we’ll begin to learn about different early societies. The boys are very excited about this unit of inquiry and many are keen to share their knowledge of the past.

In language, we’ve completed our first class novel, The Lost Sketch. For the upcoming inquiry unit, we’re not reading a class novel. Instead, we’ll focus on reading non-fiction text and continue to work on note-taking. As well, we’ll explore mythology. In our Write Club, the boys will continue to work on paragraphing skills.

In math, we’ve been investigating place value and data management. We’ll be beginning a review of addition and subtraction of larger numbers. We encourage the boys to explore a number of methods for addition and subtraction, and learn at least one to mastery. The family letter for Unit 2 describes the two primary methods for adding and subtracting that we’ll be using.

Next week promises to be full of excitement with the cross-country CISAA on Wednesday, Oct. 28; the CISAA U10 boys soccer finals on Saturday, Oct. 31 and Halloween festivities on Friday, Oct. 31. We’ll also be participating in a school-wide food drive for We Scare Hunger. Please send in non-perishable food items to add to our class collections.

With the change of weather, please ensure your son has a coat to wear at school, as well as boots and hats when appropriate.