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Message from Form 4

imagesWith the end of the school year fast approaching, Grade 4 is still a hive of activity. The boys are well into our last inquiry unit, “Survivor.” Each boy has selected a biome to research and will be using his research to create a website to share his research. Questions have been developed to drive this inquiry’s research project. They nclude explorations into mapping, geography, water and weather.

The boys will soon be stranded in a specific habitat and struggling to survive — in their imaginations, of course. This is the premise of our culminating inquiry project. Guided by questions they created at the beginning of the unit, they’re learning what elements are necessary for survival and how to access them. They’re also learning how to use a variety of resources to gather, organize and report information.

Connecting to the survival theme, Form 4 will begin novel studies tomorrow. Two groups will explore characterization, plot sequence and development, and rich vocabulary. Your son will be reading either Once Upon a Time Long, Long Ago by Henry Shykoff or Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Please encourage your son to check his agenda to ensure he’s properly prepared for class.

Many thanks to parents who’ve already filled out the consent form. If you’ve any concerns or questions about the website, please contact Lara Jensen or your son’s form teacher.

On Monday, we welcomed Amy, Ellen and Tracy from Project Giveback. The boys each wrote letter to the charity of their choice, explaining the Project Giveback Charity fair and what they learned from their experience. We mailed these letters together, celebrating the end of Project Giveback. We also had a very special guest. Ellen brought in her son Jake to meet the Grade 4s. It was a joy to meet Jacob and ask questions to Ellen about this young man who has inspired so much positive change. We all sang to Jacob and watched him smile in delight.

The boys are looking forward to the Form 4 party on Tuesday, June 2. Please remember to sign the permission form and your son can bring it in.

As the warmer weather is upon us, please encourage your son to wear sunscreen and bring a hat to school. Some boys choose to leave a bottle of sun protection in their athletic lockers to reapply throughout the day. We’re looking forward to a busy, fun-filled last stretch of Form 4.