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Message from Form 4

It’s been fun investigating different ways and reasons for communication. Both classes have tried to better understand the nuances and importance of body language and facial expression as effective ways to convey ideas and emotions.

The boys have wrapped up the “Do you know what I mean?” unit of inquiry with the Project Giveback Charity Fair. Yesterday was a celebration of the hard work they put into their projects. Thank you for coming in and supporting their passion-driven projects. And a special thank you to Mrs. Love for letting us use the library for the fair.

All Form 4 boys were introduced to five methods of communication: Braille, Morse Code, SMS texting, American Sign Language (ASL) and hieroglyphics. Prep and Upper School shops manager Patti Cawker taught the boys some ASL. Ask your son about the details.

Our upcoming and final inquiry unit of the year is about survival. The boys will explore survival techniques and learn about different biomes around the world. We’ll do a novel study with mixed groups of 4O and 4F boys. It’s a wonderful unit with which to finish the year.

We’ve just kicked off unit 9 in mathematics. It focuses on the links among fraction, decimal and percent names for numbers, with a special emphasis on percents.

Police officer Janet came for visit to talk about bicycle safety in preparation for our trip to Norval next week. The boys have cycled in physical education class for the past two weeks. They’ve practised hand signals, stopping, starting, switching gears and straight-line riding. Please check your son’s bike to ensure it’s in proper working order.

Norval forms for the cycling trip were sent home in agendas this week. Please make sure they are signed and returned by Monday, May 11.