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Message from Form 4

We hope you all had a great long weekend with your families. Hopefully the boys had a chance to relax after a busy week leading up to the student-led conferences on Thursday. The boys did an excellent job sharing their work!

It’s been fun investigating different ways of communicating and the reasons for them. Both classes have tried to better understand the nuances and importance of body language and facial expression as effective ways to convey ideas and emotions. We’ll have a very special guest, Colin O’Brien, teach the boys about deaf culture and American Sign Language this Monday, April 24. We’ll also have officer Jan Stathler come visit later on Monday morning to discuss how cyclists can communicate to vehicles and pedestrians in order to share the roads safely.

As part of our Inquiry unit, we continue to explore different poetry types. The boys all created a quatrain which they shared at their student-led conferences and are beginning to work on concrete poems and cinquains. The boys will also be asked to memorize a poem to present to the class. This part of our unit nicely coincides with National Poetry Month.

In math, we’re wrapping up our unit on fractions and their uses. In our next unit, boys will explore perimetre and area. The boys will learn formulas to apply to various area problems.

Many boys have received their pen licenses by completing their cursive books. We’re hoping everyone will be done after the long weekend, by Tuesday, May 23. The boys have also been using an online program called Qwertytown to practise their keyboarding skills. Your son is strongly encouraged to access this program at home and practise outside of school.

A letter went home last week regarding our upcoming bike trip. It includes information about our trip to Norval from Tuesday, May 16 to Thursday, May 18, and how you can help your son prepare for the cycling unit in physical education. The boys will start to cycle in physical education class on Monday, May 1 and will continue for two weeks until our Norval trip. They’ll practise hand signals, stopping, starting, switching gears and straight-line riding. Please check your son’s bike to ensure it’s in working order.