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Message from Form 3

Unknown-2We’ve wrapped up our unit of inquiry “They Way We See It” and learned a lot. Students have different points of view and, because they view things differently, they can learn from each other. Students identified how we share our perspectives and listed the reasons why people might have different perspectives. Challenge your son to explain how age, gender, culture, lifestyle or past experiences might influence someone’s point of view. We hope the concepts explored in this unit will continue to influence their interactions as they learn to value different perspectives.

Our current unit of inquiry is called “Why Here?” Students will explore why people choose to settle in new locations. We’ve examined the terminology of migration, emigration and immigration. Through “read alouds,” activities and discussions, students have explored why people choose to leave their current homes (“push factors”), and what they consider when selecting a new home (“pull factors”). We appreciate the comprehensive family interviews that have been returned. The rich detail will enable your son to write a thorough personal narrative.

In math we continue to practise the basic multiplication facts so they’ll become automatic. 3C will continue to have a pre-test every Monday and a post-test every Friday to check for automaticity. We’re not learning the facts in numerical order. Rather we’re practising them in an order that allows the boys to build on what they already know. Please help your son to practise. The boys enjoy reviewing their facts through the use of games on the iPad. If this is possible at home, they’re encouraged to do so as well.

Please note the change in homework. 3C Boys will continue to have their homework packet distributed on Mondays, to be returned on Fridays. In both classes we’ve added literature circles for the next few weeks. Boys will be given some time in class to at least start their work, but may need/want to complete it at home.

We appreciate your continued support,

Ms. Crippin and Mr. Ferley