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Message from Form 3

We’re in the middle of our third unit of inquiry, “Adapt to Survive.” Boys will write several paragraphs about the adaptations of their animal and will self-edit, peer-edit and teacher-edit their work carefully. In an attempt to offer opportunities for the boys to apply the skills they’ve learned, they’ll use their developing cursive skills to write the good copy of their research project. These paragraphs will be pasted into a beautiful booklet they create during art class. Some class time will be allocated to sharing their work with their peers. Be sure to share encouraging words when you have a chance to look that these beautiful pieces, as this has been a very labour-intensive process.

We’re wrapping up our geometry unit in math, with a focus on two-dimensional shapes and comparing different polygons. Boys will review geometry concepts this week and part of next week. We’ll have a short quiz next week. We’ll have reviewed the concepts during class time, so there’s no need for additional preparation at home.

As we search for ways to integrate the math expectations into the inquiry process, the boys will be using data management skills to compile data on different aspects of their animal research. This unit will provide an opportunity for the boys to use their math skills to deepen their understanding of the animal they’re studying. As an example, they’ll do a comparative bar graph displaying both the top speed of their animal and themselves.

Both classes will conduct meetings on suggestions for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Look for a Form 3 email to see what the boys decide. We’ll make sure you have adequate time to prepare.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to meeting with you on Tuesday, Feb. 2 for student-led conferences. On this day you’ll have an opportunity to review your son’s work and discuss new goals.

Ms. Crippin and Mr. Ferley