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Message from Form 3

ironmanWe’ve had a few busy weeks in Form 3. In a fantastic first experience at Norval as Form 3s, the boys had the opportunity to (literally) walk in someone else’s shoes by participating in a water walk. As part of our unit of inquiry, “Rights and Responsibilities,” the boys have been learning about people around the world and right here in Ontario, who don’t have easy access to clean drinking water and instead must walk long distances each day to reach their water source.

Just like the communities of the Maasai Mara in Kenya walk to the Mara River, the boys walked one kilometre to the Credit River, calculated how many litres of water they could carry and made the long trip back with buckets of water. The boys made wonderful connections to earlier discussions of the basic rights of all humans, and truly came to appreciate how lucky we are here in our UCC community.

A couple of notes:
• The fall weather changes so quickly. Please ensure your son comes to school with appropriate clothing and shoes for outdoor recesses (shoes specific for outdoor activity, a warm jacket, and a rain jacket on rainy days).
• If you make an appointment for your son late in the school day, it’s tremendously helpful if you pick your son up at either 2 p.m. or 3 p.m, instead of 2:30 p.m. This will help minimize disruptions to the program.
• We look forward to the long anticipated celebration of Halloween. We’ll continue with regular school activities on the big day, but will certainly “carve” out some time for some arts and crafts and a treat or two. Please encourage your son to think creatively and wear a non-violent costume that does not include any weaponry or a mask. (In the morning, boys will change into PE gear at PE time.)

In math, we’ve wrapped up our unit on place value but will continue to make use of all that we learned and practised throughout our second unit on addition and subtraction. We want the boys to think of numbers in their entirety rather than individual digits, and to apply what they know about place value when doing calculations. This will build stronger estimation and mental math skills so the boys won’t require a pencil and paper to complete every calculation and they’ll be better able to spot errors in their work.

In our language arts, we’ll study the book Iron Man by Ted Hughes and they’ll bring home work weekly to review what was read together in class and then answer questions based on the chapter they’re studying. Reading the book with your son, or on your own, can be such an amazing experience to share in his learning. I encourage you all to either read it with him or pre-read it for yourselves.

As the months pass, the students are feeling very comfortable with the routines at school, sometimes too comfortable! Please remain vigilant about reading their agendas nightly. Laying out supplies and packing backpacks the night before will help to reduce the number of times blazers, books and shoes are left at home when rushing to get out the door in the mornings.

Thank you for your continued support,

Ms. Crippin
Mr. Ferley