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Message from Form 3

We’re wrapping up our fifth unit of inquiry. We investigated how evidence of the past is a lens into everyday life in today’s communities. The boys have enjoyed learning about the first Canadians and the earliest European settlers. They summarized this unit by writing a self-directed narrative where they wrote a fictional account of everyday life of early pioneers.

We’re launching into our final unit of inquiry, “Cityscape.” Boys will explore the relationship between human land use, the environment and the economy. We’ve started out by exploring the UCC campus and looking at how the land is used. We’ll widen our lens and look at the surrounding community sometime in the next week.

In math, we’re fully engaged in our fractions unit. You can support the program at home by engaging your son in relevant discussions about fractions, for example, “If I were to eat three quarters of this orange, what would that leave?” Point out fractions in your everyday lives: “If there are eight slices of pizza and you have one slice, what would be left over?”

Please continue to check the agenda nightly, and communicate with your son’s teacher(s), this way. Please remember to sign the agenda and encourage your son to ask for clarification if there’s anything he’s uncertain of regarding his homework. To avoid homework stress, please encourage your son to ask his teacher any questions about homework before he goes home.

Please be reminded that both 3C and 3F will be staying overnight at Norval on Wednesday, May 24 (3F) and Thursday, May 25 (3C). Check the agenda and read Head’s Up for information to come. In addition, we’ll be attending our Cityscape Toronto trip on Monday, June 5. More information will be available soon.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ms. Crippin and Mr. Ferley