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Message from Form 3

We continue our inquiry into “Pioneers and First Nations Peoples” this week and next by exploring different elements of their lives, specifically how they played, learned and survived in such our rugged landscape. The boys will continue to actively learn by making candles and engaging pioneer games and activities. They’ll participate in group work aimed at accessing prior knowledge and the group’s collective understanding of the topics researched in class.

Boys will be engaged in another active learning opportunity this Friday when they participate in the “multiplication scavenger hunt.” To support student’s individual comforts with multiplication, prompts and graphic payouts will be provided to help where needed. Boys learn best when actively engaged and while experiencing appropriate challenges; this activity will provide both.

Boys will also be involved in Earth Week celebrations. Please initiate discussions at home to help connect their learning.

Remember our Norval overnight trip is rapidly approaching. Form 3F goes on Wednesday, May 24 and 3C on Thursday, May 25. If your son is feeling any anxiety, now would be a good time to have a sleepover at a friend’s house or talk with him to ensure he’s more comfortable with the idea of spending a night away from the house.

As it gets progressively warmer and the sun climbs higher in the sky, remember it’s always a good idea to send your boys to school with a water bottle and sunscreen on so they’re protected for recess and PHE when outside.

Have a great week,
Mark and Carly