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Message from Form 2F

Our Giggles unit is in full swing and the boys are having a blast! Our days begin with dissecting a funny meme, commercial, or riddle . We ask, “What makes this humorous? What message is being communicated?” Then we move on to our Giggles centres! The boys are using their humour handbooks to keep track of the different categories of humour such as: Mad Libs; tongue twisters; silly stories and poems; and puns. We’ll dive deeper into the role of humour in our lives, discuss what is NOT funny and design our own Rebus picture poems in information and communications technology. We’ll also start an idiom study next week and we’ll need your help!

In math, we’re continuing with unit six, with a focus on word problems. The boys are learning to critically think about the number stories: What is this question really asking us? Which diagram will help me solve this problem? Ask your son to explain the difference between the diagrams: part-part-total; start-change-end; and the quantity-quantity-difference comparison. This will help him review what we’re working on in class. We’ve also been reviewing our 3-D shapes daily in our math warm-up exercises. In addition, we’ve been working in small groups on the different skills and concepts touch on in unit six (e.g. arrays, time, and in-and-out boxes), and will continue this interactive approach until March break. We’ll begin to focus more on subtraction number stories and partial sums as we close in on March break.

Our next spelling test is coming up on Tuesday, March 7 and the February/March reading logs are due on Wednesday, March 8, so please encourage your son to prepare accordingly.

Form 2F looks forward to giggling our way right to March break. I’m sure they’d love to share a joke or perform their silly poem for you at home. Take care.