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Message from Form 1G

Happy 2016! It was thrilling to see the boys last week with their smiles and stories. Although, your boys came close to breaking one of my class rules: no student should be taller then the teacher (me). My, they’ve grown! I hope the growth spurt meant many sleeping and relaxing hours for both you and the boys.

It seems that the journal writing over the holiday was a big hit. It was a delight to come back and find all the detailed and lovely journals to share. Even our Grade 3 reading buddies got a chance to see them.

Oh, the stories we tell. In inquiry, the boys have chosen a play and been assigned a role. We’ll be “running lines” and “blocking scenes” for much of January. The unit will culminate in a performance for parents and students. Stay tuned.

In the past, I’ve noticed that this stage of the play is very exciting and the boys are bursting with energy to practise. The next stage is usually nervousness. As the time gets closer, and the reality of an audience sets in, the boys will become increasingly nervous. This is a great time to talk about how fantastic they are and to build up their self-esteem. The last phase is always “over the moon excitement.” They’ll literally feel like they’ve won a million dollars on our performance day (invitation to follow). And they have. This is when you praise them like crazy and celebrate. What they’ve achieved took weeks and quite a bit of work, and tons of memorization. It’s a big deal. Celebrate and celebrate huge.

We’re working together with the art class to create real books for our stories. This unit is very heavy on reading, deconstructing and constructing stories, and the boys are equally heavily into this unit!

In math, we’re continuing on unit four, measurement and basic facts. We’re measuring and comparing lengths, telling time and practising our addition facts. Next up, we’ll start unit five, using place value (hundreds charts, base-10 blocks), sorting, organizing and practising our equations.

We continue to practise kindness towards one another. Between the time of year (cold, short days), the amount of yawns I’m seeing in class and the nervousness around the play, we enjoy taking a break to reflect upon our actions and how they affect others.