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Message from Form 1G

We wrapped up our “Structures” unit last Friday with a whole-class community build. After weeks of designing, building and decorating structures out of wood in art class, we were able to apply what we’ve learned about the needs of a community and create a whole city. The boys showed amazing co-operation. We made a plan, we listened and shared ideas respectfully, and we tried our best not to get upset if someone had a different perspective from our own.

Unknown-1This week marks the start of our sixth and final unit of inquiry called “Human Race.” The central idea is: As our bodies and minds grow, people help us along the way. We’ll be studying the brain and our physical development through each life stage and discuss all the different people who help us along the way. It is a great way to ignite scientific creativity and inquiry while practising gratitude towards others.

We start the unit by sending home an interview for your son and you to complete about what he was like as a baby. Could you please send in a photo of your son as a baby? We’re putting together a chart of the boys’ special moments. Please send in a photo that you aren’t too passionate about. It will end up on a bulletin board and then in your son’s work. It will probably be handled over and over as your son shares it with his peers.

This is a great opportunity to tell those adorable and embarrassing baby stories we all love. If there’s a doctor that would like to talk to the boys about how our bodies grow, please let me know.

In math we’re starting the eighth unit on mental arithmetic, money and fractions. We’ll extend work with money to include dollars, extend place value concepts to the hundredth place and continue to develop an understanding of fractional parts of a whole. To add large numbers, the boys brainstormed various methods and chose their favourite. It is still very appropriate to use the hundreds chart at this age level. The boys are very fond of using the abacus. The main method I focus on is counting by 10s up to the new number and then adding the ones, i.e. 32 + 16 = 32 +10 =42 +6 = 48. Breaking it into sections reinforces place value and gets the boys to visualize how large the number is, in terms of tens and ones.