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Message from Form 1G

Our unit on the sun is fully shining. The boys have quite a bit of knowledge behind them and this is sure to ignite further. We started with, “The sun is a source of energy.” They asked: “How is energy made?” We did the fusion dance. This led into heat and light. We then talked about heat and light energy hitting the earth and how that impacts our world. They explored the sun’s role in day and night, seasons and the water cycle.

Take a moment at dinner to reflect on the knowledge they have gained so far. Go ahead, bask in the brilliance from you son: How do we get energy? (See if they can link all the way back to the sun.); Why do we have day and night?; Why do we have seasons?; What is orbit and how long does it take for the earth to orbit around the sun?

You may notice a rather well-worn book come home in the coming days. This book is the first workbook (of two) for the math program. We’re working on the second book. Typically, we would be working on unit six right now, as the boys just finished unit five. However, unit seven is a geometry unit that ties in perfectly with our unit on structures. So, we’re flipping around the order so we can use the geometric concepts in our study on structure design. The boys are also surpassing their goals with their addition and subtraction facts to 10. We’re working on the next challenge: faster recall of addition and subtraction facts to 20.

We’ve started a new math unit about developing fact power. It’s the expectation that, with frequent practise throughout the school year, most children will know the simple addition facts by the end of Grade 1. We’ll be focusing on fact-finding strategies, adding and subtracting with coins, measurement and time, and procedures for solving addition and subtraction problems. We’ve added a new routine called “Mad Math” to our day. The boys answer 60 addition questions in five minutes. This routine will help promote accuracy and speed in mental computation.