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Message from Andrew Turner, Director, Residential Life

Andrew Turner photoIt’s an exciting time of year for all members of Seaton’s and Wedd’s House. With less than a week remaining in the exam period, boys are anticipating a return to their family home for an extended holiday. All members of the boarding community have worked hard in the classroom, participated in the co-curricular program and made a commitment to community service activities.

New students will return home with a better understanding of the commitment level necessary to be successful inside and outside the classroom. Some boys will have made a smooth transition to the full UCC program. Others have struggled to reach the level they enjoyed before arriving. The boarding team never underestimates the learning curve associated with a move away from home, adjusting to a new academic program and living with a roommate they’d not known before arriving on Sept. 1

The holiday will be an important time of reflection for all boys. The frenetic pace of school life doesn’t often afford boys the time to step back and process what’s happening. All families should take time over the holiday to sit and talk about the best strategy for boys to achieve their academic potential, participate fully in the co-curricular program and learn to support their new friends in Seaton’s and Wedd’s.

Congratulations on a job well done. I hope everyone has a memorable holiday with family and friends.