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Message from Andrew Turner, Director, Residential Life

Andrew Turner photoBoarding Life celebrate wonderful accomplishments by talented students who walk the hall of Seaton’s and Wedd’s. We do our best to recognize a variety of highlights during the school year, but in reality every boarding student has his moment in the sun, a memory he will cherish long after the school year is complete.

It’s our goal to help all students achieve personal bests over the course of a school year. Some students overcome an academic hurdle, some land a spot on a team by training hard in the SAS, some take on a leadership position in a club, or maybe they learn to be more open-minded and principled. These skills will make them great roommates and supportive team players at university and beyond.

None of these student accomplishments happen without a supportive group of adults who work with boarders in their home away from home. Today it’s my privilege to thank several of the dedicated staff members moving on to new challenges at the end of this year:

Jody McLean is the senior co-ordinator for the Centre for Learning. To the boarders, she’s the woman who comes to their room during evening study to check in on their academic progress. She runs exam preparation workshops, helps create individualized plans for boys who take on heavy co-curricular loads and manages “Return to Learn” programs for boys who become sick or injured during the year. Jody’s work will not soon be forgotten by returning boarders and those now putting her words of wisdom into practise at university.

Finally, we’re thanking four residential assistants. There’s little to be proud of in the UCC boarding program without the day-to-day effort provided by Jon Choptiany, Jeremy King, Adam Harnack and Oliver Maurovich. These gentlemen work long hours to support student endeavors inside and outside the classroom. All four have been consummate professionals as they walk the difficult line of being friends to boarders, but also setting the example necessary to help students make the leap from adolescent to young adult. Thank you to these six dedicated staff members for going the extra mile to ensure students in Seaton’s and Wedd’s strive to reach their personal best in all walks of school life.