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Message from Andrew Turner, Director, Residential Life

Andrew Turner photoIan Pepin, Colby Muise and I drove 45 minutes down the 401 to Cobourg to watch a Junior A hockey game between teams from Quebec and Alberta last Saturday afternoon. During the car ride there was time to reflect about the circumstances that brought these two Wedd’s seniors together and to reflect on how fast time passes.

Colby and Ian have become good friends; they’ve been living in Wedd’s together and they were both members of the varsity hockey team. Colby comes to UCC from Yarmouth, N.S and Ian arrived from Quebec City. It’s likely their paths would never have crossed had it not been for UCC boarding. Both boys have fond memories of the New2Blue orientation program, where they first met. They both remember the strange feeling of unpacking family cars and watching their parents disappear, allowing them to begin their UCC journey.

There’s no doubt that two years in Wedd’s has helped build the foundation of a friendship that will last a lifetime. Thanks to a wonderful entrance scholarship, Ian is off to study at Queen’s University next fall. Colby will be taking a gap year to pursue his dream to play NCAA Division 1 hockey in the United States. The Brooks (Alberta) Bandits was one of the teams competing in Cobourg last Saturday afternoon. Colby hopes Brooks is the team he’s playing for next year.

On behalf of the entire boarding team, I want to express how gratifying it has been to work alongside such dedicated students. We’ll take great pleasure in watching the next stage of their development; it’s been a lot of fun watching them grow and prepare for university and beyond.